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General Information —

The Entoblitz Texas concept began during 1999 and early 2000, the brainchild of William "Will" Godwin and his fellow Texas A&M University entomology graduate students.  They developed a general philosophy and organized the first blitz in April of 2000.  Each year the event offers a unique opportunity for entomologists of all flavors and levels of experience (avocational and professional) to get together in the field and share their entomological knowledge, favorite collecting stories, and to experience great camaraderie in the field.

The "Blitz" is essentially an intensive insect collecting expedition targeting a Texas location or biotic region of specialist interest.  Selection of the region and general organization of each year’s blitz falls upon the shoulders of a select few who work together each year to organize the event.  Generally a TAMU entomology graduate student takes the lead, but this position is open and is not intended to be restrictive.  Some past events have benefited tremendously from the participation of private landowners who understand the merits of the event and offer access their properties (and sometimes access to their facilities) for the purpose of insect sampling.


Various announcements and fliers are dispersed each year to those individuals known to be interested in this kind of event, but participation is open to anyone with an interest in collecting and observing insects in the field.


Each year’s "Blitz" is usually held in early to mid-April, a time picked to favor participation by university students (a few weeks before final exams and before the due date for various required insect collections), but dates should be expected to vary slightly from year to year.


Housing / toilet / sleeping facilities are sometimes available at the sites, but often sites are "primitive" and participation requires camping equipment and out-door cooking.  When various amenities are provided or when group food preparation is planned, each participant may be charged a small fee to offset expenses.  Some past events have included some of the finest outdoor Texas cooking that we entomologist have experienced!

Hopefully the various linked pages provided at this web site provide a full range of information about Entoblitz Texas, but if not, please direct questions and comments to Ed Riley.